Emily Lovejoy, b. 1988, is a New Orleans based artist, photographer, and designer. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with an emphasis on painting from the University of New Orleans in 2012. Since then she has managed galleries, curated multiple group exhibitions and her most recent endeavors focus on design, photography and art consultation as well as exploring her own art. Lovejoy mainly examines identity through her work, where the contrast between real and surreal is confronted through a lens of bold imagery and hypnogogic colors. Her subjects, seemingly existing in parallel worlds, tempt the viewer to stay and interpret their own projections. The goal is to invoke an emotional response with contemporary composition, and modern surrealism. In her painting as well as her photography it is essential for Lovejoy to record her subjects and capture not only their likeness, but also a sense of their personality and they time they live in. As a photographer Emily focuses on architecture and portraiture, and still life.

"I have always know my gift has to do with beauty and the way I see the world, but until recently I had no idea it would take me into the design world. At my core I believe beauty + good design can feed the soul and ground us in the present moment. I've experienced this as true in my life as I built and designed my dream home in 2020 and the entire space allows me to sink into being and focus on the work that lights me up."