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Over the past year I've been building Lightroom and mobile Lightroom presets. These presets are made for the photographer who doesn't have just one niche, the photographer who refuses to be boxed in, the rebel!. The presets are based on the 12 astrological signs. Each preset will have 3 versions and reflect characteristics of the sign it's named after. This is a total of 36 presets plus a few bonus ones! I'm confident these presets will become an integral part of your work flow and speed up your process. They're not over complicated and easy to put your own spin on.

Level up your social media or photography practice with cohesive and consistent edits!


Capricorn: classic, ambitious, distingushed

Taurus: earthy, luxurious, sensual 

Virgo: organized, minimalistic, practical


Aquarius: eclectic, innovative, unconventional

Gemini: playful, versatile, communicative

Libra: elegant, harmonious, refined


Aries: bold, energetic, adventurous

Leo: regal, dramatic, confident 

Sagittarius: adventurous, free-spirited, optimistic 


Cancer: cozy, nurturing, sentimental

Pisces: dreamy, romantic, artistic

Scorpio: mysterious, intense, seductive

Demo video




  • 12 main presets with 3 variations of each for a total of 36 presets
  • 10+ bonus presets
  • A PDF with tips and suggestions on best use
  • A step by step installation guide



Let's do it!