Creative consulting services

I firmly believe in being surrounded by beauty at every turn. The way being in nature nourishes the soul, exposure to good design should do the same. Design done right can ground you in the present moment and allows you to function at your highest level. With bold style and taste, I can help open you up to a new way of experiencing your space or running your business.

My expertise in art, photography and most recently ceramic design function together to give me a unique perspective on aesthetics.

Some things I can help with:

  • Creative direction for your business. Including but not limited to branding, photography, digital assets, fine art, and social media
  • Help designing and styling your space. from paint colors to chairs and windows, doors, floors, tile, hardware, and more.
  • Instagram grids
  • Social media assets including graphics and photography
  • Branding consulting
  • Creative direction for a photoshoot
  • I can even help you pick out an outfit for an important event or interview
  • Art Consultation
  • Professional mood boards
  • Sourcing furniture and fixtures from sustainable and local sources when possible

Contact me to see if we're a good fit or to discuss your project.