This was supposed to be a post about mocktails, but it's really just the things I'm drinking regularly that have no alcohol. I've come up with one mocktail recipe that I really like and I've mostly just stuck with that. All of these options are the perfect alternative for those who want to enjoy a delicious, satisfying drink without the alcohol. Whether you're abstaining from alcohol or simply want to switch things up, these drinks are a great choice. Don't get me wrong I'm still drinking, but now I save it for special occasions and fancy dinners with friends. I've also replaced coffee with matcha, at first because I was worried about my teeth, but now because I'm completly addicted. If you're looking to try out some new drinks, functional and fun, look no further! Here's a few I've enjoyed making and drinking. I want to note that most of the functional ingredients I'm linking can also be mixed in a smoothie or some yogurt as well for the nutritional benefits.

  1. Golden Moon Milk - I like to do this warm with oat milk and honey.
  2. Matcha - This is my absolute favorite matcha and I have tried a lot of them. You can find a good one at most groceries, but beware of baking matcha. You can tell a good matcha from a not so good matcha by the color. Also note that the taste will changed depending on the sweetener and milk you use. Honey and oat milk are my go to and lately I've been adding a little vanilla to add even more depth of flavor.
  3. You Dew You - A skin-calming, anti-inflammatory blend that helps soothe skin conditions like acne, rosacea, and eczema. It contained hibiscus, chaga and cordycepts. This is also really good with oat milk and honey or with sparkling water and lemon.
  4. Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate - Any hot chocolate mix, add any mushroom powder you like, and I prefer vegan marshmallows just because they don't dissolve.
  5. Chai Latte - I've also really gotten into chai as my backup drink for when I want caffeine or the coffee shop I'm at doesn't have matcha.
  6. Chlorella - I'm not going to lie this stuff is gross alone, but I do not eat enough leafy greens to leave it out. When you add it to a smoothie or just put it in water with lemon it's not too bad.
  7. Dried Nettle - This herb is amazing and surprisingly refreshing. If you like mint tea youll probably like this. Before I even knew what it tasted like I was committed to using it just because of its benefits. Firstly it's amazing for your hair, and second it's an expectorant like mucinex. I drink it regularly to keep my nose from being stuffy, which is a fun side effect of having asthma.
  8. Kombucha Mocktail - 1 part any kombucha, 1 part sparkling water, juice from half of a lemon or lime, any functional tincture you want to use (I like skullcap, st johns wart, ashwaganda or any mushroom blend) and Tajin on the rim.
  9. Blue Me Away - This powder contains blue matcha, coconut creme and ginseng. It gives you a caffeine-free energy boost, while helping reduce inflammation and stress. I throw it in with my regular matcha or alone with a milk of your choice and sweetener. It's also really beautiful in hot water with honey and if you add lemon or lime it turns pink! its really magical!
  10. Olivia Noceda - Lastly if you want to dig even deeper into the world of mocktails, I suggest checking out @olivianoceda on Instagram and Tik Tok. Her creations are so beautiful and honestly her feed is worth looking at just for the glassware.
  11. Adult Shirley Temple - Sparkling water, luxardo cherries + a tablespoon of juice, bitters.
  12. Apple Spice - Sparkling water, apple cider, ginger beer, bitters, and cinnamon.