Lots of fun things are happening in my world so I wanted to do a little life update on the blog. I just got back from 5 days of self imposed isolation to finish working on my latest creative project, a desktop and mobile Lightroom preset pack, Elemental Presets. I'm happy to say my time in nature was very productive. First a note on my accommodations. I recently partnered with Getaway House and stayed at their location near New Orleans. It was absolutely perfect and made me want a little camper of my own in nature, but until that happens you can bet your butt I'll be back for more stays. My days went something like this: wake up at 5 am, do a quick run, yoga and then head out to the nature path on the property. I used the time to walk and run a bit while stopping to take photos every so often. Once the sun was fully up I would head back to the cabin and make some coffee and admittedly, a few hours later, matcha too. Working the entire day on one project was no joke. Yet, it was quite stabilizing to allow my mind was completely focus on doing one thing when it's typically oscillating from art, photography, ceramics, client work, etc. By the end of the 4th day I had wrapped up tweaking any adjustments on the presets and it was time to start creating before and after samples. You can check these out in the preset highlight on @lovejoy_creative. The presets are officially available in my shop and they're 50% off until my birthday, 10/10! If you download them tag me or #elementalpresets so I can see your beautiful creations. Check out the video below for a demo of some of my favorite transformations!

The exploration of the celestial realm continues through my paint and brushes. I'm also working on a new body of work for an upcoming solo show in late 2024. Official date and location tbd. The theme revolves around the interplay between nature and humanity. I've been focusing on painting skies and stars allowing me to embrace a newfound freedom in my process. The exhibition will feature 10 never before shown works. Like all of my work, these peices are designed to be a gateway to another world, inviting the viewer to transcend the everyday and embark on a visual journey that resonates deeply with the soul.

Lastly, I'm linking the playlist I made for my birthday party. Listen Here. Enjoy!