I have news this month! Amazon kicked me off of their affiliate program for having too much sexuality on my website, but they sell vibrators so that seems fair. Digs aside, as I lean into this I see the universe is offering me a way to get more in line with two of my core values: creativity, and sustainability. It's an opportunity to focus on the coolest brands and goods. I cant wait to share the items I'm personally manifesting and how I like them. I will be trying to feature more goods from small businesses and local products as well. Enjoy!

  1. Scrub Daddy - If you don't know about this sponge, I very much recommend you test it out. The green and yellow ones would start to smell so so so bad after just a few uses. This one doesn't hold smell, it's dishwasher safe and my favorite thing although I never use it, it's soft in hot water and firm in cold water. It's just cool.
  2. Lara Lee Meintjes Print - Laras work is raw yet whimsical with a cherry on top. I love being able to see the thickness of her paint in her online prints.
  3. Tarot Reading + Breathwork Session with Leah Vandervelt -I did a tarot and breath work session with Leah back in April. I can't wait to do another one. It was a lovely experience and so grounding. She doesn't do future projections with I love.
  4. Hilarious Youtube Video - Paige Wassle is a prop stylist with amazing taste and a comedic aspect that I cant stop watching. She made this YouTube video about this photography trend that I've always thought was super weird. Her delivery of this subject had me in tears I was laughing so hard. I watched it again as I was writing this just to make sure it was as funny as I remember and it is. If you're having a bad day click here now.
  5. Dried Nettle - Nettle is amazing and I will be expanding on it in a later post, but im putting it here in case your having seasonal cold symptoms or anything of the sort. Nettle leaf is a natural antihistamine and expectorant with tuns of vitamins and minterals some of which include vitamin C, A, K, magnesium, and iron. that I initially started drinking Nettle infusions for my hair and scalp health and to my delight it helped with my allergies as well.
  6. Loving What Is by Byron Katie - This is the book I put on whenever I'm feeling annoyed with Enrique. He does this thing where he only throws away half of whatever it is hes throwing away and it used to drive me crazy. I even have a photo album on my phone of all the random bits of trash hes left out. yea im that petty. This book taught me how to love whatever is my current reality, that includes showing away random bits of trash. Check out this YouTube video if your not sold yet:
  7. Metal Garden Hose - Because a rubber garden hose is ugly and a metal one is pretty. You can get it at a number of places. Here's the link to the one at Garrett Wade.
  8. Danny Desire Ceramics - I have a few of the strawberry mugs from this artist and they are my very favorite ones to use. My matcha somehow looks more delicious in theme than anything else.
  9. Carbon Steel Hand Pruners- I haven't been doing as much gardening this year, but when it starts to get cold I do like to cut various bushes back in preparation for next season. I had to get some new ones this year so I went with these because they're very classic looking and simple.
  10. Amber Spray Bottles- to upgrade the look of your cleaning supplies.
  11. Perigold Vanity Light Fixture - I recently picked this out for my husbands office bathroom. We created a look around a mid century blue sink. I love how this light compliments the mid century vibe we were going for.