Happy Birthday To Me! Yep, today is the day and I plan to stay home, sip on my mushroom hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows and paint in the studio with Oliver in my lap and Sabrina or The Dark Crystal playing in the background. The Halloween playlist will be posted on the 17th along with some music videos. To Get notified, subscribe here!

  1. Snake and Magnolias by Jessica Roux - I've actually ben following Jessicas work since 2016 ish. Her work is so beautiful and earthy.
  2. Organic Sage - Clear the energy in your home before guests come over or if you just need to refresh the energy in your space. Make sure your in a positive and grounded place before preforming this ritual.
  3. Biodegradable Glitter - It's inevitable that we'll want to use glitter in some of our costumes so better at least make it biodegradable.
  4. Salted Caramel Nougat Bars - More healthy-ish candy. I mean.... I couldn't do a Halloween blog without including candy.
  5. Omni Tarot Deck - I've been looking for my forever deck for a while. Right now I just have the Major Arcana, but this is the full deck I want. The illustrations by Olivia Healy are so good!
  6. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - An actual work of art in the form of 10 episodes. I did watch the making of it and the sequel that came out in 1982. It's a whole thing.
  7. Black Hat - fit for a modern witch.
  8. The Broom - I like this broom because it goes with the hat to complete your modern witch costume but its also just a really good looking broom as opposed to the horrible plastic kind.
  9. The Practical Magic Soundtrack - One of my favorite movies and soundtracks of all time. I liked the Spotify version but here is is on Apple too.