October is my favorite month, not just because its my birthday month, or because Halloween is in October, or because I'm a witch, but also because it's when the weather really starts to change in New Orleans and it's truly so beautiful outside this time of year. All of this made it very difficult to condense all my favorite Halloween themed stuff. Instead of putting 55 items in one post, I'm breaking it up into two. The second one will be published on my birthday (Oct 10). I may have also made a Halloween playlist, which I'll publish a week later on Oct 17. So let's kick it off!

  1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - I watch this every year in October. Honestly at first I wasn't a huge fan of Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina, but by the end of the series she had completely won me over.
  2. Tajin - The new pumpkin spice.
  3. The Modern Herbal Dispensatory - If your a nature witch like me you'll understand.
  4. Black Toothpaste - For all the candy you'll be eating and because why the f not?
  5. A Black Toothbrush - To go with the back toothpaste obviously, but no joke I'm actually using this combination of toothbrush and toothpaste right now.
  6. Witry Witches - Last year I did an American Horror Story Coven themed photoshoot with some of my favorite agents from Witry Collective. It's wonderful, so defiantly check it out. If anyone else want to do a witchy photoshoot with their friends, I'm your girl!
  7. Beeswax Votives - Clearly. (15 hour burn time each!)
  8. "Girls Night Out" Print by Maggie Stephenson - I love this. It reminds me of me and my girls doing coven shit. Plus the moon in the background.
  9. Little Secrets Crispy Wafers - Healthy-ish candy. The 12 pack is linked. You're welcome.