Creative Consulting

This is a mentorship/consulting/coaching/hype girl program. If you're familiar with me and my work you already know my gift is beauty. I'm an artist, photographer and designer. Plus I'm a double libra. I trust my taste over anyones. But lesser known about me is that ive been studying energetics, specifically around abundance.

Do yo have a company but your website and social media are not cohesive? I can help you create a more integrated look. Do you need help picking out an outfit for an event? I got you. Do you need help designing you home or business?

Examples of how I can creatively assist you:

  • Help picking out art for your home or business
  • Creative direction for your business. My areas of expertise include branding, photography, digital assets, and social media



If you have an idea or project but just need another set of eyes and a some constructive criticism this option could be for you. We will schedule a time during the day where we can either chat on the phone or via text



Do you own a small business, but aren't sure if your branding will pack a punch? I can help you nail down your look to have the greatest impact while also remaining true to you.



If you're ready to fully invest in yourself or your business this option gets you unlimited access to my creative genius.


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